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Anton Biryukov

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am currently a research assistant at the University of Tel Aviv, and I also hold the position of senior researcher at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow University. My research is mainly related to the magneto-rotational evolution of neutron stars and the observational manifestations of such evolution.  I am interested in the problem of anomalous spin-down of isolated pulsars and corresponding high braking indices. I have also analysed the distribution of their magnetic obliquity and how its evolution can be extracted from available observational data. More recently I've been involved in the analytical and numerical modelling of the rotational evolution of accreting neutron stars, both isolated and in binary systems. Within SCEECS, I am carrying out global numerical MHD simulations of spherical and disk accretion on young neutron stars. I want to see exactly how the NS surface magnetic fields evolve during the fall-back accretion episode. I am also interested in uncovering the details of the full 3D braking torques that arise during accretion for accretors, propellers and georotators. How do these objects spin down? How does their magnetic obliquity evolve? What does forced precession look like? And how all this can affect the observational data?

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