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Matteo Pais

Postdoctoral Fellow

I’m currently a postdoc in the group of Prof. Tsvi Piran at the Racah institute of Physics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). My work mostly relies on relativistic hydrodynamical simulations and I use them to connect theory with observations and semi-analytical calculations. I’m mostly working now on jets in the context of short and long GRBs (and the gravitational wave emission from realistic structured jets), binary neutron star merger simulations and semi-analytical calculations to combine General Relativity and Tidal Disruption Events for spinning black holes. My interests are currently in the field of relativistic transients and compact objects, sporadically I also work on the growth of magnetic fields in galaxies (small and large scale dynamo, cosmic-ray driven dynamo). Previously, during my Ph.D, I also worked on the subject of cosmic ray acceleration at Supernova Remnants shocks using non relativistic magneto-hydrodynamical simulations with Cosmic ray fluid coupled with thermal fluid  performed with the code AREPO (Springel, 2010). Related to this I’m also interested in using cosmic rays applied to GRB jets and TDEs. My working tools are PLUTO (Mignone, 2007, 2012) for Relativistic MHD simulations (with a Lagrangian particle module for cosmic rays), Mathematica for analytical and semi-analytical calculations, Python and C for post processing and heavy data analysis. 



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