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Joaquin Duran

Masters Student

Upon Dr. Richard Anantua joining UTSA as Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy in Spring 2022, I reached out immediately. As my primary advisor for my master's research, I've consistently noticed that my passion for the theoretical and abstract knows no boundaries. In Spring 2023, I had the privilege of taking his new graduate course on GRMHD. Despite juggling two jobs, I managed to conquer this challenging theoretical and computational course. I'm proud to mention that I also co-authored the paper titled "Emission Modeling in the EHT-ngEHT Age" as the co-2nd author. Looking ahead, I have ambitious plans to apply to the UTSA Physics and Astronomy Department as a PhD student, starting in Spring 2024. Based on my dedication and achievements so far, I have every expectation that I will secure admission and continue my work within Dr. Richard Anantua’s first EHT research group in Texas.


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