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Noemie Globus

Collaborator (Black Holes)

I am currently a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Santa Cruz, a member of the Telescope Array Collaboration and a visiting scientist at RIKEN in Japan.

I worked on modeling the central engine of relativistic jets, and modeled the multi-messenger signatures of cosmic-ray acceleration and neutrino emission for jets associated with core-collapse supernovae or binary neutron star mergers. These secondary messengers reveal clues about the extreme environments around stellar, or supermassive, black holes. 


I have also been working on developing an alternative interpretation of how gas accretes onto a spinning black hole under a wide variety of conditions paying special attention to the means by which jets are launched and collimated. I associate this with a large scale wind emanating fin the disk and powered by the spinning black hole. This leads to very different scientific inferences from the results of EHT imaging of M87 and other sources. I am particularly excited by the prospect of putting these to observational test using future observations throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Most of my research related to neutron stars and black holes has been carried out jointly with SCEECS members. I look forward to learning more on this fascinating research and to obtaining new results to advance our understanding of neutron stars and black holes.

Five recent relevant references

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Blandford, R. & Globus, N. 2022 “Ergomagnetosphere, ejection disk, magnetopause in M87 - 1, Global flow of mass, angular momentum, energy and current.” MNRAS 514 5141

Globus,  N., Levinson, A., The collimation of magnetic jets by disc winds, 2016, MNRAS 461, 3, 21 pp 2605


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