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Pavel Abolmasov 

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am currently a research assistant at Tel Aviv University.  My research interests include high-energy astrophysics and computational fluid dynamics. In particular, I was involved in projects devoted to super-Eddington accretion, accretion boundary layers, and magnetospheric flows in X-ray pulsars, and more recently stability of relativistic hydrodynamic jets and TDE simulations. I am mainly working with the relativistic MHD code Athena++, but I also develop my own numerical codes.  In the framework of SCEECS, I am planning to work on the physics of accreting NSs and BHs, taking into account the extreme physics of strong magnetic and gravitational fields (in particular, the impact of QED effects on the dynamics and observational properties of NS magnetospheres), and on stability of magnetized relativistic flows, using analytic and numerical techniques. 


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